Welcome back to Sweden, we are in Jönköping in southern Sweden.  Jönköping is made up also of the city of Huskvarna, which lies on the eastern side of Jönköping.  We are in the southern part of Sweden for our 4th contest in Sweden (1 also being the Ultimate NFAC to take part last month).   In a statement released by NFAC, SVT wanted to showcase more of Sweden using NFAC, instead of the main cities of Malmo, Gothenburg and Stockholm (which NFAC has visitied all), so we are in the beautiful southern city of Jönköping.  Enjoy the beautiful views of Sweden, and enjoy this video.

And now to meet our hosts … please welcome Petra Marklund, Danny Saucedo and Samir & Viktor!  Petra and Danny will be taking the main hosting roles on stage, whilst Samir & Viktor will be causing chaos in the green room.  Watch out later when all four of them will be performing songs in the interval act.

So let’s get on with the semi finals.  We are live at Kinnarps Arena in Jönköping.

Semi Final 1 (playlist can be found here)


1. Belgium – Astrid “Everybody Aches”
2. Estonia – Meisterjaan “Parmupillihullus”
3. Denmark – Kristel Lisberg “Who Needs A Heart”
4. Malta – Jasmine “Alive”
5. Sweden – Oscar Zia “Human”
6. Switzerland – Bella C “Another World”
7. Poland – Dorota Osinska “Universal”
8. Albania – Lindi Islami “Për një mrekulli”
9. Latvia – MyRadiantU “We Will Be Stars”
10. Slovenia – Žan Serčič “Summer Story”
11. Georgia – Young Georgian Lolitaz “Weagree”
12. Spain – Salvador Beltran “Dias De Alegria”
13. Lithuania – Catrinah “Be Free”
14. Iceland – Elisabet Ormslev “Á Ný”
15. Italy – Patty Pravo “Cieli Immensi”
Interval act – please welcome to the stage Petra Marklund

Semi Final 2 (playlist can be found here)


1. Ukraine – Tanya Vorzheva “Vse Resheno”
2. San Marino – Valentina Monetta “Guardami Ancora”
3. Norway – Elisabeth Carew “Sole Survivor”
4. Israel – Moran Mazuz “Give Me A Sign”
5. Belarus – Alyona Lanskaya “All My Life”
6. Armenia – Emmy feat. Mihran “Hey!”
7. Slovakia – Tomáš Bezdeda “Na Strechách Domov”
8. Austria – Trackshittaz “Oida Taunz”
9. Germany – Alexa Feser “Gluck”
10. Kazakhstan – Мадина Картакаева “Аялдам”
11. Azerbaijan – Ulviyya Rahimova “In Love”
12. Finland – Eeverest “Love It All Away”
13. Ireland – Inchequin “Son Kez/The Last Time”
14. Moldova – Lidia Isac “I Can’t Breathe”
15. Macedonia – Bobi Mojovski “Te Krade Toj”
16. Bulgaria –  Lazar “Zamestitel”
17. Hungary – The Kiralys “Untried”
18. Portugal – Vânia Osorio “O Mundo Passa”
Interval act – please welcome to the stage, Samir & Viktor.

Semi Final 3 (playlist can be found here)


1. Crimea – Элеонора Джаббарова “Мелодия”
2. Czech Rep – Sámer Issa “Pick A Star”
3. the Netherlands – Rob Janszen “Net Als Een Kind”
4. United Kingdom – Liz McClarnon “Don’t It Make You Happy”
5. Greece – Kostas Martakis “Always & Forever”
6. France – MAP “Grain de Sel”
7. Montenegro – Nina & Dan Poslije “Anđele”
8. Bosnia & Herzegovina – Unplugged Plug “Everything She’ll Do”
9. Cyprus – Marian Georgiou “Heartbeat”
10. Romania – M I H A I “Believe Me”
11. Croatia – Giuliano “Srna i Vuk”
12. Andorra – Lluis Cartes “Exhaust”
13. Luxembourg – Liliane Saint Pierre “Mélodie”
14. Russia – Dima Bilan “Lady Flame”
15. Serbia – Beauty Queens “Zavet”
16. Stavropol Krai – Madina Kartakeyva “Altin Ordam”
17. Yugoslavia – Oliver Dragojević “Sreća Je Tamo Gdje Si Ti”
18. Turkey – Ayça Dönmez “Sarıl Bana”
Interval act – please welcome to the stage Danny Saucedo and The Fooo Conspiracy
 So voting is now open… you can send your votes as usual to our Twitter DM @Nfandrachansen (in esc style), votes from the delegations will be added to the votes from the International Jury and the Special Guest Jury (click here for information).
Voting will close August 10th at 1800 CEST and then join us for our Semi Final Show on August 11th at 2000 CEST.
 The top 8 from each semi final will make it through to the Grand Final.  The countries that placed in 9th and 10th in each semi will enter Deadlock-AC.  Then the top 3 will qualify from the Andra Chansen round.
Make sure you have fun and let’s have another drama free NFAC.
Enjoy NFAC x