The rising star of polish pop music stage – Mariusz Wawrzyńczyk. He submitted a song for polish NF this year, but unfortunatelly didn’t make it past the jury selection. This is the reason, why his NF-song hasn’t had its’ premiere yet, however we can already hear the short demo version of the song below. The premiere of “Pod wiatr” (eng. “Into the wind”) is planned for the end of the summer, so will be available for NFAC very soon.

Michał Wawrzyńczyk as a well educated singer already took part in a few polish talent shows: Bitwa Na Głosy (eng. Bottle for voices), Szansa Na Sukces (eng. Chanse of success), The Voice of Poland and Must Be The Music. He is currently working on his very first album, and has taken the time out of his busy schedule to take part in the international jury for NFAC 16 as a special guest. To check out a few songs of Mariusz, check out his homepage: CLICK.

Mariusz already voted in all 3 semifinals of NFAC16. Let’s check what he thinks about our contest;

NFAC: Mariusz, 51 songs – not too much?

MW (Mariusz Wawrzyńczyk): I really enjoyed it. It was a pleasure for me to hear so many amazing songs. I have 3 favourites.

NFAC: Had you previously heard any of the songs we had in our playlists?

MW: Yes! The russian entry from Dima Bilan.


NFAC: You submitted the song “Pod wiatr” this year to polish NF. Is it your first Eurovision entry? Are you going to try your hand at any other future national finals?

MW: Yes, this year I submitted my very first song for Eurovision Song Contest. Although with lack of success this year, I am not saying no for trying again for Poland.

NFAC: Best ESC artists or songs?

MW: Very shortly: Mans Zelmerow and Carola. They are incredible!

NFAC: What do you think about this years NF in Poland. Was Michał Szpak a good choice?

MW: Michał Szpak, Edyta Górniak and Dorota Osińska – those were my types.  And in my opinion the choice was really great. Michał has amazing voice and personality. Not everyone knows, that polish success in ESC (8th place) was possible because of a very good job of Michałs manager! I think that Michał has now a huge chance for a big european career. Just because colour of his life is so intriguing.

NFAC: And what do You think about Margaret? She won the 11th edition of our contest, and also won the best winner of 2015/2016 in Ultimate NFAC.

MW: Her song is really good too. I am always keeping my fingers cross, when somebody is talented and work very hard for his or her success.

NFAC: Thank You very much for your time. We are keeping our fingers crossed too for the premiere of your newest song.

You can check out the songs which Mariusz listened to and judged in the NFAC 16 semi finals by clicking here.


Mariusz joins our International Jury for NFAC 16 following in the steps of MIHAI who voted in NFAC 15.  We are very greatful for Mariusz and Mihai who have taken time to notice our fan contest, and able us to grow this bigger and better each time.  This will be an ongoing thing, and in NFAC 17 we will work hard to get another great addition for the guest judge in the International Jury.

Keep an eye on www.nfac.tk for more information.