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Today it has been revealed that Jönköping will be hosting us in Sweden for NFAC 16.

Jönköping is made up also of the city of Huskvarna, which lies on the eastern side of Jönköping.  We are in the southern part of Sweden for our 4th contest in Sweden (1 also being the Ultimate NFAC to take part last month).

Jönköping and SVT have also revealed more details about NFAC 16.  We will be hosted in the Kinnarps Arena.  Usually an ice hockey arena, we wil have an audience of 7,000 across the 4 shows, as well as the 4 hour jury show.  Sweden wanted to showcase something new for the audience in Sweden.  Hosting previously in big citites like Stocholm, Gotheburg and Malmo, it was time to show that there is more to Sweden, so in the bidding process there was only 3 main contenders all of which were smaller venues.  This is also to bring down the spiralling costs of hosting NFAC which has grown from strength to strength and has grown to now have 51, for the first time ever, delegations for the contest.  SVT have also decided to scale back the international juries to have a maximum of up to 30 members maximum.  Currently we know 18 of them, and are waiting on the response from 12 others.

The stage has also been revealed to have a runway, coming out into the audience, with drop down screen that fill the background of the stage, this is due to be one of the most technology advanced contest in NFAC history.


Dates for NFAC 16:

July 29th – international juries issued playlist and start their ranking deliberation.

August 1st – Semi Final draw and delegations issued semi final playlists. Voting begins.

August 10th – Voting deadline for the semi finals. 1800 CEST.

August 11th – Semi Final show, and start of Deadlock-AC. 2000 CEST.

August 12th – Results for Deadlock-AC, and Voting begins for Grand Final.

August 24th – Voting deadline for Grand Final. 1800 CEST.

August 25th – Grand Final show 2000 CEST, and applications for NFAC 17 begin at 2045.