Hello Europe! Welcome to Ukraine…

Please welcome your hosts… Ruslan, Henk Maguza and Andrey Bednyakov.  After three amazing semi final, we are here now for the Grand Final, and we have 27 songs now competing for the trophy of the 15th contest here in Lviv.  Thank you to everyone who took part in NFAC 15, you really are making our dreams come true. And we will see you hopefully again for NFAC 16 in August in another city around Europe.  And remember our slogan for NFAC 15

“Music Reunited for Peace”


How are you enjoying Lviv? Let’s take a look at this beautiful city…

So let’s start the show….

nfac15 running order.jpg

Click here for the playlist , or click here for the recap video.

  1. Italy – Rocco Hunt “Wake Up”
  2. Moldova – Carolina Gorun “Sublime”
  3. Denmark – Anna Noe “Sleepless”
  4. Bosnia & Herzegovina – Marija Šestić “In This World”
  5. Latvia – Samanta Tina “We Live For Love”
  6. Serbia – Aleksa Jelić “Vodi Me”
  7. Spain – Melissa “Eos”
  8. Sweden – Isa “I Will Wait”
  9. Poland – Wilki “Here I Am”
  10.  France – Christophe Héraut “C’est La Vie”
  11. Iceland – Sigríður Eyrún Friðriksdóttir “Up and Away”
  12. Azerbaijan – Hana Hasanova “My Life”
  13. Crimea – Aliye Bekirova “Amanim Yarim”
  14. Ireland – Eoghan Quigg “The Movie Song”
  15. Ukraine – NuAngels “Higher”
  16. Estonia – Cartoon “Immortality”
  17. Austria – Céline Roscheck & Farina Miss “Sky Is The Limit”
  18. Israel – Harel Skaat “Closer”
  19. Kazakhstan – Диас Аблаев “Жанарыңда”
  20. Finland – Saara Aalto “No Fear”
  21. Croatia – Franka BateliĆ “Na Tvojim Rukama”
  22. Greece – Eleftheria Eleftheriou “To Kentro Tou Kosmou”
  23. Russia – Alexey Vorobyov “Новая русская калинка”
  24. Norway – Suite 16 “Anna Lee”
  25. Georgia – Stephane & 3G “We Don’t Wanna Put In”
  26. Romania – Ovidiu Anton “Moment Of Silence”
  27. Malta – Christabelle Borg “Kingdom”

Send your top 10 votes (Eurovision style) into DM on twitter to @nfandrachansen as usual.  Voting will close at 1800 CEST on 20th July.  Our Grand Final will take place 21st July at 2000 CEST.

Our interval act this time is our special guest star on the international jury… M I H A I

Here is his new single “Zombie Love”… we hope to see Mihai back for NFAC 16 and maybe in national final in the future.