The results are officially in … and we have our qualifiers for NFAC 15 Grand Final, which starts on Thursday.

Join Us on Wednesday 13th July at 2000 CEST when we will reveal our qualifiers and we start our “Deadlock-AC” where 6 songs that didn’t make it direct to the final will be giving an extra chance to make it.  These songs will be the ones who finished in 9th and 10th in each of the semi finals.  A playlist will be issued and you have to choose your favourite 3 songs from the playlist.  The two with the most votes will proceed to the grand final.


We are proud to welcome back Mihai Trăistariu who once again will join the jury for Deadlock-AC and the Grand Final for NFAC 15.  Click here for the original announcement, and for now let’s enjoy his 2016 national final song, which finished 2nd in NFAC 13, Paradisio.