It’s the news we’ve been waiting to reveal … but today it has been confirmed that M I H A I from Romania will be on the panel of international juries for NFAC 15.  Judging 50 songs from different across European and Asian national finals.  Click here for more information on the NFAC 15 semi finals.


Mihai national final song from 2016, Paradisio, also took part in NFAC 13 where it finished in second place, been narrowly beaten by Finland.  Click here for results in NFAC 13.  Further proof that Paradisio is very much loved and remains one of the best songs from the 2016 national final season.

He will be judging the songs that will be taking part in NFAC 15 in the semi finals, and final.

M I H A I shot to Eurovision fame, when he took part in Athens 2006 when he finished 4th with his song “Tornerò” in the Grand Final of Eurovision.

During the Grand Final of NFAC 15 we will also be treating you guys to M I H A I’s new song Zombie Love.

We’d like to thank Mihai for joining the NFAC 15 jury, and we look forward to seeing how he and everyone voted.

Click here for the information on the NFAC 15 semi finals.