Welcome EUROPE!

Please welcome your hosts …

Henk Maguza, Ruslana and Andrey Bednyakov….. Welcome to Lviv, Ukraine where we are united for music and peace in Europe and the world.

We are here at the Lviv Arena hosting 30,000 fans from across Europe and beyond.  We also have the very first 360 degree stage in the contest, bringing the action closer to more people than ever.


Originally a football arena in Lviv, opened in 2011 in time for Euro 2012, with a total capacity of nearly 35,000 it is the biggest arena that has hosted an NFAC contest so far.  Hosted in Lviv, the biggest city in western Ukraine, near the border of neighbouring Poland.

Before we get to the semi finals, we have the host country, Ukraine performing their songs that will represent them in the Grand Final in NFAC 15.   Remember if you like this song, vote for them in the final.

Henk Maguza and Andrey Bednyakov explain the changes to the semi final drawch took place earlier this week.  “In Ukraine, we are happy and proud to be a diverse country, and this is why we have made the change in the semi final draw, so that the Grand Final can be more diverse” “In recent contest, we have seen how much the new songs are in domination, therefore, we wanted to give a fairer chance to the older less known songs… so here are the changes”

Pot 1 – 2015 and 2016 songs

Pot 2 – 2011 – 2014 song

Pot 3 – 2010 and older songs


Henk Maguza introduces Semi Final 1 – playlist can be found here

  1. Latvia – Samanta Tina “We Live For Love”
  2. Estonia – Cartoon feat. Kristel Aaslaid “Immortality”
  3. Romania – Ovidiu Anton “Moment Of Silence”
  4. Malta – Christabelle “Kingdom”
  5. United Kingdom – Dulcima “Where You Go”
  6. Cyprus – Minus One “Shine”
  7. Sweden – Isa “I Will Wait”
  8. Austria – Céline Roscheck & Farina Miss “Sky Is The Limit”
  9. Germany – Laing “Zeig Deine Muskeln”
  10. Lithuania – Ieva Zasimauskaitė – Life (Not That Beautiful)
  11. Slovenia – Anja Baš – What If
  12. Hungary – ByTheWay – Free To Fly
  13. Belarus – Sweet Brains “Dance Like Zombies”
  14. Finland – Saara Aalto “No Fear”
  15. Italy – Rocco Hunt “Wake Up”
  16. Norway – Suite 16 “Anna Lee”nfac15sf2

Semi Final 2 introduced by Ruslana – playlist can be found here

1. San Marino – Valentina Monetta “Sensibilità”
2. Ireland – Eoghan Quigg “The Movie Song”
3. Azerbaijan – Hana Hasanova “My Life”
4. Serbia – Aleksa Jelić “Vodi Me”
5. Macedonia – Sanja Kerkez & Goran Naumovski  “Mig Bez Tebe”
6. Portugal – Simone de Oliveira “À Espera das Canções”
7. Iceland – Sigríður Eyrún Friðriksdóttir “Up And Away”
8. Greece – Eleftheria Eleftheriou “To Kentro Tou Kosmou”
9. Bulgaria – Jakob “Wicked Way Of Love”
10. Moldova – Caroline Gorun “Sublime”
11. Denmark – Anna Noe “Sleepless”
12. Kazakhstan – Диас Аблаев “Жанарыңда”
13. Albania – Elhaida Dani “Mijera Vjet”
14. Switzerland – Lys Assia “C’etait Ma Vie”
15. Spain – Melissa “Eos”
16. Belgium – Sarina “Rien En Apparence”


Semi Final 3 introduced by Andrey Bednyakov – playlist can be found here.

1. Georgia – Stephane & 3G “We Don’t Wanna Put In”
2. Yugoslavia – Mag “Nikome Te Dao Ne Bih”
3. France – Christophe Héraut  “C’est La Vie”
4. Luxembourg – Marianne Rosenburg “Tout Peut Arnver Au Cinema”
5. Israel – Harel Skaat “Closer”
6. Russia – Alexey Vorobyov “Новая русская калинка”
7. Poland – Wilki “Here I Am”
8. Croatia – Franka Batelić “Na Tvojim Rukama Ususret”
9. Slovakia – Michaella “O Nas”
10. Bosnia & Herzegovina “Marija Šestić – In This World”
11. Netherlands – Maud “I’m Alive”
12. Armenia – Mery Kocharyan “Chi Kareli”
13. Czech Rep – Vlasta Horvath “Adios”
14. Turkey – Athena “I Love Mud On My Face”
15. Andorra – Marta Roure “Si Et Perds”
16. Crimea – Aliye Bekirova “Amanim Yarim”
17. Montenegro – Grim “Kada Ona Ljubi Te
And whilst you think about your votes, Ruslana is back to entertain you with the interval show …
“We are united for peace, we are reunited for music”

Voting in the NFAC 15 semi finals will close at 1800 CEST on 12th June, and our semi final show and Deadlock-AC will take place on 13th June from 2000 CEST.  Send your votes, as usual to the twitter account via DM @andrachansen within plenty of time, and good luck to all in the final.