nfac 15

After the announcement that Crimea will be debuting at the contest in Ukraine, we are now onto the business of NFAC 15, with the selection of hosts and host city.  First let us welcome your hosts..

Henk Maguza, Ruslana and Andrey Bednyakov


As a treat, here is Ruslana performing her winning Eurovision song, and she has brought along some friends.

“We welcome you all to Ukraine… and to the city of …LVIV!”


With how big the contest is now getting… we have 50 countries for you once again in NFAC 15, and we anticipate another 30 member of the international jury… we have gone for a bigger venue. Please welcome to Lviv Arena with an audience of 34,000 and our very first 360 degree stage.  This is set to be the best NFAC yet.  We can’t wait to show you the songs.  We will kick off on Friday 1st July.

See You soon.