Tampere, Finland

Join Us and Come Together tonight where we will reveal the results for NFAC 14… who is going to win?

Come back at 2000 CEST for our results show.

Also we have some surprises come up in the next few days … here is a little teaser …


and we also have details coming up about our anniversary show “UltimateNFAC” celebrating our 1 year birthday… more details to come VERY SOON.

Applications for NFAC 15 will open this evening at 2030 CEST.

All applications must be (as usual) be completed with a valid entry before you are being excepted for that country delegation.  Make sure you check the results for NFAC 14 – as the top 5 countries will be not available for application unless the current delegation chooses to give up their right to that country.

Make sure you check up on the rules for NFAC by clicking here.

Good luck to all tonight, and we’ll see you soon.