deadlock 14

So voting is now closed in NFAC 14 Semi Finals.   We’ve had our biggest ever contest here in Tampere, Finland.

Welcome to the brand new DEADLOCK -AC

6 countries from the semi finals will qualify into deadlock, and have an extra chance to qualify for the grand final. Click here for the playlist, and click here for the recap video, and then vote for your top 3 songs. They can be any 3… of course if you are one of them, you can vote for yourself still.  2 will advance from Deadlock-AC and join the Grand Final.

Voting in Deadlock-AC will last for 24 hours, and we will reveal our two winners, and our Grand Final running order and playlist for you.

Send your votes in like:

3points …

2points …



So here we are with the results ….

The two countries with the largest amount of votes (a total amount of 68 people have voted in this Deadlock)….


Therfore the final running order is…


Come back a little later for the playlist and recap for the Grand Final…. NFAC 14 we are closer to