Welcome to Tampere, Finland.  We are here for the semi final draws for NFAC 14, which is our biggest contest yet.  With 50 countries and over 30 members of the international jury… we are in for one big contest.  Once again, well done to @CalmAfterTheTim who won NFAC 13 with Mikael Saari with song “On It Goes”.

To start off the semi final show, Finland are here to perform their song for NFAC 14.  As hosts, they will proceed direct to the final, and will be voting in each of the semi final. So if you really like this song, please hold off voting for it until the grand final.  Can Finland become the first ever back to back winners?

Please welcome your hosts for NFAC 14, Mikko Leppilampi, Krista Siegfrids and Paul Uotila.

and we are coming live from Tampere Ice Stadium

Recaps will be available from tomorrow, but first let’s see which semi final everyone has been sorted into.

As this time we have 3 semi finals – we will have 8 direct qualifers from each.  Then the 9th and 10th placed countries in each semi final will proceed the brand new Deadlock-AC.  More about deadlock is explained at the bottom of the page.



Semi Final 1 – (click here for the playlist, and here for the recap video)

  1. Austria – Charlee “Good To Be Bad”
  2. Belgium – Belle Perez “El Mundo Bailando”
  3. Ukraine – Jamala “Smile”
  4. Slovenia – Raiven “Črno Bel”
  5. Slovakia – Mista “Emotions”
  6. Germany – Ella Endlich “Adrenalin”
  7. Malta – Maxine Pace “Young Love”
  8. Portugal – Axel “Boom Boom Yeah”
  9. United Kingdom – Emily Reed “Help Me”
  10. Latvia – Niko “Here I Am Again”
  11. Armenia – Arina Hovhannisyan “Colour Of My Tears”
  12. Greece – Sabrina “Camera”
  13. Andorra – Bis A Bis “Vine”
  14. Kazakhstan – Серік Ибрагимов  “Жаяу”
  15. Spain – Estrella Fugaz “La Dama”
  16. Croatia – Franka Batelic “Pjesma Za Kraj”


Semi Final 2 – (click here for the playlist, and here for the recap video)

  1. San Marino – Alexa “We Are One”
  2. Romania – Doru Todorut feat. Irina Baiant “The Voice”
  3. Hungary – Olah Gergo “Gyoz A Jo”
  4. Albania – Nilsa Hysi “Asaj”
  5. Yugoslavia – Daniel “Daj Obuci Levisice”
  6. Ireland – Aimee “Crashing Down”
  7. Denmark – Veronica’s Illusion “The Wrong Kind”
  8. Belarus – Kirill Yermakov “Running To The Sun”
  9. Norway – Linnea Dale “High Hopes”
  10. Iceland – Þórdís Birna & Gummi Snorri   “Ready To Break Free”
  11. France – Estelle “Comme Un Rêve”
  12. Bosnia & Herzegovina – Igor Vukojevic “Srce Ne Pita”
  13. Luxembourg – Gianni Nazzaro “Une Fille De France”
  14. Netherlands – Charly “She’ll Take Your Breath Away”
  15. Israel – Kathleen Reiler “Jusqu’a Moi”
  16. Macedonia – Kaliopi “Samo Ti”
  17. Georgia – Nika & Young Georgian Lolitaz “Sugar & Milk”


Semi Final 3 – (click here for the playlist, and here for the recap video)

  1. Italy – Miele “Mentre Ti Parlo”
  2. Lithuania – Lijepa Mondeikaite “Feel My Love”
  3. Tatarstan – Kazan World “Сине көтәм”
  4. Estonia – Go Away Bird “Sally”
  5. Montenegro – Rolly “Kad Se Sjetim”
  6. Lebanon – Aline Lahaid “Quand Tout S’enfuit”
  7. Turkey – Seçil Hüner Yapakçı “Rumuz Andante”
  8. Czech Republic – Gipsy.cz “Benga Beating”
  9. Cyprus – Constantinos Christoforou “Slow”
  10. Moldova – Sandy C “Weak For Your Love”
  11. Poland – Kasia Moś “Addiction”
  12. Russia – Buranovskiye Babushki “Dlinnaja, Dlinnaja Beresta I Kak Sdelat’ Iz Nee”
  13. Azerbaijan – Rauf Babayev “Yasandi Bitdi”
  14. Bulgaria – Nora “It’s Not Right”
  15. Switzerland – Theo “Because Of You”
  16. Serbia – SKY’s Magija “Halo”

Voting will close on Wednesday 15th June at 1800 CEST.  Semi results will be announced via twitter on Thursday 16th June at 1900 CEST.  Deadlock will then start for 24 hours.

As previously announced… the top 8 in each semi final will qualify direct to the final along with Finland as hosts.  Then the 9th and 10th placed countries will enter the all new deadlock “Deadlock-AC”

(random countries are being used for illustration purposes)deadlockAC

You will then have 24 hours to vote for your top 3 countries in Deadlock-AC, a separate list will be provided for this.  After the 24 hours, the winners of Deadlock-AC will be announced.  We will have 2 winners from the new deadlock system.

(random countries are being used for illustration purposes)DeadlockACwinWe will then issue the Grand Final playlist with all 27 songs for you.

Enjoy NFAC 14 x