So once again, Finland have won NFAC, this being their second time hosting.  Delegation @calmafterthetim and NFAC HQ have been working hard together in putting together the biggest show yet in the history of NFAC.


A total number of 50 countries have entered for NFAC 14, making it a record number of entries.  Along with 28 member of the international jury so far….

Welcome to Tampere, suurounded by many lakes, it is the most populous city inland of Finland, and beyond the greater Helsinki area.  Dubbed the Manchester of Finland, due to its industrial history.  The NFAC 14 contest will be going green, as the lakes and rapids will provide the electricity needed for the arena.

Hosting in Tampere is a step beyond Helsinki to showcase more of the countries culture. With a capacity of 7,500 the Tampere Ice Stadium will be hosting its final concert with NFAC before the venue is to be replaced with Tampere Monitoimiareena due to open in 2017.

Dates for NFAC 14

6th June – Juries issued the jury playlists for semi finals with 50 songs.

10th June – Semi Final draws and playlists go live for delegations.

15th June – Deadline to vote in NFAC 14 – 1800 CEST

16th June – Semi Final Shows and the start of Deadlock – 2000 CEST

17th June – Deadlock results, and the Grand Final starts – 2000 CEST

22nd June – Grand Final voting deadline – 1800 CEST

23rd June – Grand Final results – 2000 CEST
23rd June – NFAC 15 applications open – 2030 CEST



Further details about the changes to deadlock will be revealed in due course…