Official statement on Sweden’s participation in NFAC 14

A decision today was made after careful thought, that Sweden would be withdrawn from NFAC 14 due to the state of unrest witnessed this evening.

When we made this contest, we did so to unite the fandom of Eurovision together with a common goal of friendship, and with a common interest of our love of music.  Over the past 6 months, a lot has come up against us, and the fandom that NFAC has continued to build has fought through it.  But we need to remember why we are here;  We unite.

NFAC does not condone bullying in any shape or form, and especially within our own fandom that might then use the contest to bring NFAC into disrepute.  Over the past few days, we at NFAC have been keeping a careful eye on the current unrest on social media, and tonight it came to a head.

We need to unite again, and put all our differences behind us, and move on with our lives without living with so much hate in us.  Sweden have been withdrawn from the contest, not because of what has happened out of our sight, but because we want to bring this drama to an end.  The Swedish delegation took the news about the withdrawal with the upmost respect for NFAC’s decision, and we urge everyone else to do so.  We really hope this will be the end of this drama.

Sweden will sit out the entire of NFAC 14 and will not be available to anyone else until the start of NFAC 15, at which time we hope we have all united once again with our love of music.

Enjoy NFAC 14 x