After over a week’s excitement in the semi final round, we have our 25 qualifers who now join host country Norway for the Grand Final.  A big thank you for everyone who took part in NFAC 13 so far, if you didn’t quite make it to the final, we  hope you bounce back for NFAC 14 – details at the bottom of the page, so get your thinking caps on.

Opening the show, please welcome Alan Walker…

Here are your hosts once more … Silya and Kåre Magnus here in a beautiful evening in Stavanger, Norway

Stavanger 2008 Åpning av kulturbyen - 12. januar 2008 Foto: Kjetil Alsvik

And the reason we are all here, please welcome, the woman who brough the NFAC trophy to Norway, Laila Samuels, with a special version of Afterglow…

Here is our Grand Final for you (click here for the playlist)

NFAC 13 with Portugal

NFAC 13 Grand Final

  1. Ireland – Laura O’neill “You Don’t Remember Me”
  2. Poland – Man Meadow “Love Is Gonna Get You”
  3. Belgium – Sil “What’s The In Tokyo”
  4. UK – Karl William Lund “Miracle”
  5. Germany – Gregorian “Masters Of Chant”
  6. Iceland – Karlotta “Eye Of The Storm”
  7. Malta – Ira Losco “Chameloen”
  8. Lithuania – Egle Jakstyte “Leisk Dar Buti”
  9. Finland – Mikael Saari “On It Goes”
  10. Austria – Dawa “Feel Alive”
  11. Ukraine – Pur: Pur “We Do Change”
  12. Latvia – Markus Riva “I Can”
  13. Norway – Jenny Langlo “Next To You”
  14. Bulgaria – Dess “Love Is Alive”
  15. Israel – Gil Hadash “Follow The Sun”
  16. Hungary – Kallay Saunders Band “Who We Are”
  17. Greece – Helena Paparizou “Katse Kala”
  18. Azerbaijan – Vlada Ahundova “Big Time”
  19. Portugal – Luciana Abreu “Juntos Vamos Conseguir”
  20. Spain – Electric Nana “Now”
  21. Russia – ВАЛЕРИЯ “По дороге любви”
  22. Italy – Alessio Bernabei “Noi Siamo Infinito”
  23. Romania – M I H A I “Paradisio”
  24. Albania – Enxhi Nasufi “Infinit”
  25. Estonia – Mick Pedaja “Seis”
  26. Switzerland – Vincent Gross “Half A Smile”

Stuck on who to vote for ? Check out our quick recap video with all 26 countries

Voting in the Grand Final will close 1st June 1800 CEST, and our Grand Final will take place on 2nd June at 2000 CEST

Enjoy the show, and have your and ready for NFAC 14… coming soon.