The Rules of National Final Andra Chansen:

  1. Contestants must apply via DM on twitter @nfandrachansen or by emailing
  2. One entry per person
  3. The song must be original – so no cover song that are used in order to select a singer. You will also be able to choose a song that was selected for example in an internal selection but then changed.   For example Macedonia 2013.
  4. Entry can be from any year in which a national final was used.
  5. First come first served for multiple applications for the same country, all applications must be served with an entry.
  6. You may choose to change your entry, but only BEFORE the playlists are live, and must be agreed with by NFAC HQ.
  7. The way in which you select your entry is up to you – if you want to hold your own national final via social media then do so, and spread the word of NFAC.
  8. There should be no forms of bribery for votes. We want to make this contest fun.  We do however encourage discussion via social media.  Please do not just vote for your friends – please vote on the merit of the songs.
  9. Delegations must not reveal their voting in any way until after the results.  Any breach of this will be seen as cheating and you face being banned from future contests as well as the current edition.
  10. Dates that are announced for voting deadline are final.  Please vote on time – if you do not then your entry will be disqualified and you face being banned from future editions.  Votes must be received for both semi and finals regardless of your qualification status. However you may only vote in  your semi.
  11. Format can change from contest to contest depending on number of entries.  This could be a semi final followed by a final… or a final followed by a super final. Details will be announced once the application deadline has passed.
  12. In future editions, the top 5 countries from each previous edition with get keep their delegation for the next edition if they wish, which they can do before applications open.  If they wish to change their country, they will have to risk the application process at the same time as others.
  13. The host country can choose to either go direct to the final and be used in the semi final playlist as an interval act…. Or participate in the semi final, however this risks them not qualifiying for the final, regardless of the host status.
  14. The amount of qualifers from the semi finals depends on the amount of participating countries. 2 countries will always go into deadlock, one of which will qualify to the grand final.
  15. Any disputes must be directed via email –