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We are back in Germany for another national final.  German broadcasters ARD and NDR started the season off by announcing that they were going to send Xavier Naidoo to Stockholm.  However, his selection proved to be extremely controversial, and in the end they withdrew his selection and instead set out to find a song via a national final.


And what a final it was.  Such variety in these songs, from teenangst pop to rock power ballad, as well as some monk folk music. 


In 2016, they ended up Ann Sophie to Vienna, however, they infamously ended up receiving 0 points in the grand final, and joined Austria being the first time we’ve had a “Nil point” since 2003.  Of course, this was never the choice of the German public in the first place.  They actually voted to send Andreas Kummert and song “Heart of Stone” (click here for his national final performance) however he withdrew from the competition AFTER he was declared the winner, shocking everyone in the fandom as well as the show producers and presenters.  Also click here for Ann Sophie zero performance in Vienna.


So here are the artists for the German national final.  Click here for the playlist.


1.       Ella Endlich – Adrenalin

2.       Joco – Full Moon

3.       Gregorian – Masters Of Chant

4.       Woods Of Birnam – Lift Me Up

5.       Luxuslarm – Solange Liebe In Mir Wohnt

6.       Keoma – Protected

7.       Avantasia – Mystery Of A Blood Red Rose

8.       Alex Diehl – Nur Ein Lied

9.       Jamie-Lee Kriewitz – Ghost

10.   Laura Pinski – Under The Sun We Are One


And now for our jurors


Greece – @ESCMattez

Azerbaijan – @refshaleoen

Czech Rep – @WojciechProma

Moldova – @OGAEMoldova

Macedonia – @hsimxs

Sweden – @lemonblaze1

Yugoslavia – @longliveoasis95

Montenegro – @LoreenatorDK

Slovenia – @chloemollie_

New Zealand – @KiwiNicola

Austria – @escmegan

San Marino – @te_iub_esc

Finland – @ssami_

Australia – @WeAreEurovisiun

Bosnia & Herzegovina – @CalmAfterTheTim

Luxembourg – @sandruschkaa

Poland – @YngvePl

Portugal – @herminio_esp

Denmark – @Matt_de_Forest

Click here for the voting sequence of Germany’s national final as voted by the NFAC family.