So tonight is Austria’s turn to pick for Eurovision.  Last year, The MakeMakes won a very comfortable fight in their national final, with over 50% of the televote, to win the ticket to represent Austria on home turf.  However they didn’t manage to gain a single vote in the grand final, and joined Germany on the elusive nil point.


You can check out The MakeMakes grand final performance here.

This time, another 10 are in the final for WSFO 2016, and here they are (you can view our playlist here)

  1. AzRaH – The One
  2. Bella Wagner – Weapons Down
  3. Elly – I’ll Be Around
  4. Celine Roscheck & Farina Miss – Sky Is The Limit
  5. Lia Weller – Runaway
  6. Sankil Jones – One More Sound
  7. Vincent Bueno – All We Need Is That Love
  8. Zoe – Loin D’ici
  9. Orry Jackson – Pieces In A Puzzle
  10. LiZZA – Psycho

Let’s have a look at our jurors ; thanks for everyone votes –

Greece – @ESCMattez

Albania – @andreaescit

Slovenia – @chloemollie

Azerbaijan – @refshaleoen

Denmark – @Matt_De_Forest

New Zealand – @KiwiNicola

Yugoslavia – @longliveoasis95

Hungary – @timwfcmay

Netherlands – @Maikeel

Montenegro – @LoreenatorDK

Macedonia – @hsimxs

Finland – @ssami_

Czech Rep – @wojciechProma

Australia – @WeAreEurovisiun

Malta – @mattie156

Luxembourg – @sandruschkaa

Belarus – @Johanna7r

Latvia – @opeurovision

Poland – @YngvePL

San Marino – @te_iub_esc

Ireland – @JustPadraig

Georgia – @eurovisionemily

Bosnia & Herzegovina – @CalmAfterTheTim

Time for our winner …. click here for our voting sequence.