Welcome to Malta, and our 4th national final of the season.  You can see our Malta NF playlist here.

Last year Malta sent Amber with her song Warrior to Vienna, but they failed to qualify for the final.  You can see her semi final performance here.


Many eurofans are begging to go to a warmer country for Eurovision, so could 2016 be their year?  Let’s have a look at the songs in the national final and the songs left in the semi final.


  1. Deborah C – All Around The World
  2. Franklin – Little Love
  3. Daniel Testa – Under The Sun
  4. Brooke – Golden
  5. Raquel – Flashing Lights
  6. Christabelle – Kingdom
  7. Corazon – Falling Glass
  8. Dominic – Fire Burn
  9. Jessika – The Flame
  10. Jasmine – Alive
  11. Lawrence Gray – You’re Beautiful
  12. Maxine – Young Love
  13. Ira Losco – Chameleon
  14. Kim – Lighthouse

The Songs that didn’t make it to the final were –

  • Stefan Galea – Light Up My Life
  • Domenique – Empty Hearted
  • Dario – I Love You
  • Sarah Crystal – Right Here With You
  • Danica – Frontline
  • Ira Losco – That’s Why I Love You

All twenty songs were on our playlist when we sent it to our jurors.  And our jurors and their assigned countries were –

Serbia – @okejsamkunemse

Poland – @YngvePL

Slovenia – @chloemollie_

Greece – @ESCMattez

Georgia – @EurovisionEmily

Germany – @Swan_diego

Malta -@mattie156

Netherlands – @Maikeel

Portugal – @herminio_esp

Yugoslavia – @longliveoasis95

Ireland – @PadraigJude

Finland – @Ssami_

France – @ZervasChristos

Bosnia & Herzegovina – @CalmAfterTheTim

Azerbaijan – @refshaleoen

Albania – @andreaescit

Czech Rep – @WojiechProma

Australia – @WeAreEurovisiun

New Zealand – @KiwiNicola

Denmark – @matt_de_forest

Ukraine – @itsNotMirna

Sweden – @capnankles

Israel – @ImSkinningUOut



So far we have failed to find an actual winner in any national final so far, but we are now onto the 4th of the season.  Will our winner be correct this time, or will this be the kiss of death.

You can watch our voting sequence here.