Welcome to the second round of NFACnationalfinals.  We are onto the second national final of the season – Belgium.


Now last year they internally seclected Loic and song Rhythm Inside which gave them their best result in such a long time that even most of our players weren’t even born.  You can see Loic’s performance here – they finished 6th in the grand final of Eurovision 2016.

Since that result, we have had big expectations for Belgium to bounce back with something even better.  However, (beat), the last time the public got to choose something to Eurovision via the Flemish broadcaster, they sent the song Mother, click here if you so wish to actually see this performance again.  Now we know Ruslana can be a bit crazy at times, but we really don’t want to see another bad song being sent by Belgium.


Anyway to the songs – you can check out our playlist here of the songs :

  1. Adil – In Our Nature
  2. Astrid – Everybody Aches
  3. Tom – I’m Not Lost
  4. Laura – What’s the Pressure
  5. Amaryllis – Kick The Habit
So we had a total of 35 jury delegates vote for Belgium national final –
@longliveoasis – Yugoslavia
@eurovisionemily – Georgia
@chloemollie – Slovenia
@opeurovision – Latvia
@mattie156 – Malta
@kyliewilson – Norway
@matt_12esc – France
@escMattez – Greece
@Maikeeel – Netherlands
@refshaleoen – Azerbaijan
@herminio_esp – Porugal
@lovelhaida – Bulgaria
@WojciechProma – Czech Republic
@Matt_de_forest – Denmark
@JustPadraig – Ireland
@Andreasescit – Albania
@okejsamkunemse – Montenegro
@Jazzii1234 – Romania
@te_iub_esc – San Marino
@Mr_Kelsey_ – Spain
@Johanna7r – Belarus
@coolahshakah – Russia
@KiwiNicola – Germany
@queen_gagarina – Serbia
@EurovisionByJaz – Iceland
@ERHarris76 – Moldova
@ESCTomato – Estonia
@capnankles – Sweden
@ItsNotMirna – Ukraine
@WeAreEurovisiun – Australia
@ebsxo98 – Lithuania
@YngvePL – Poland
@ssami – Finland
@legend0tiffany – UK
Click here to see our results (ignore the void results for points 5 -1)