It’s that time, national final season is upon us, and here at NFAC HQ we can’t wait to kick off these national finals with our first own ranking competition.

For each National Final, we will hold a vote from across the NFAC family (past, present and future delegation contestants), in order to find out our NFAC favourite.  Of course this, means it will also strengthen (we hope) people’s future ability in our normal NFAC contests, as people will be exposed to even more great national final songs.  Maybe you really want one to win their national final, but it doesn’t – hey presto you have your next eligible entry for NFAC.

All you have to do is check out our menu and you find them there under NFACalbania, NFACbelarus and so on…. we will issue playlists to all current players of NFAC.  So sit back relax, and get ranking those songs.

If you check out the menu now you will find NFACbelarus and NFACswitzerland ready for you.

So here is our current plan (subject to change due to if and when countries hold their national finals)

Albania vote 7th December – 23rd December 2015 (national final 27th December)

Belarus vote – 30th December – 14th January (national final 15th January)

Belgium vote – 1st January – 16th January (national final 17th January)

Denmark vote – 1st February – 12th February (national final 13th February)

Sweden vote – SF1 5th February, SF2 12th February, SF3 19th February, SF4 26th February, AC 4th March, Final – 11th March (national final 6th february – 12th March

Austria vote 11th February (national final 12th February)

Italy vote 12th February (national final 13th February)

Switzerland vote 7th December – 12th February (national final 13th February)

Iceland vote 10 February – 19th February (national final 20th February)

Malta vote 1st January – 22nd January (national final 23rd January)

Moldova vote 20th February – 26th February (national final 27th February)

Finland vote 20th February – 26th February (national final 27th February)

Norway vote 20th February – 26th February (national final 27th February)

Ireland vote 21st February – 27th February (national final 28th February)

Estonia vote 28th February – 4th March (national final 5th March)